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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Dominion Sapphire Sale.

While I primarily collect all things Dominion that feature Ryan Getzlaf, I make exceptions for a few other guys. Because I tend to like a number of players, and Dominion is just an amazing product. Corey Perry is one of those gentlemen I look for when it comes to Dominion, as he's a Duck, a pretty good player, and his cards tend to be very affordable, especially considering he was recently league MVP.

Numbered 08/10, here's one of those affordable cards. It's a Sapphire auto from the inaugural Dominion, and as a fan of on-card autos and blue in general, it's a card that quickly caught my eye. Perry has a quick and often illegible signature, so I was happy to pick one up that was a bit fuller, included a readable number 10, and was signed with a bold pen.

I mention a bold pen because not all of his Dominion signatures came out so completely and boldly. Numbered 02/10, I also landed this bad boy from eBay around the same time as the first John Hancock featured in this post. Both Sapphires were pretty ridiculously affordable, and I have a problem passing up cheap additions that actually fit into my collection.

Both of these pair fantastically well with the Ruby parallel auto above, which I posted on earlier this month. As a teaser, let me say this: I'm not done with Corey's cards from last year's Dominion.


  1. Impressive. I've always wanted a Perry, just because of his ties to Sidney Crosby & the 2005 NHL Draft. I'll pick one up soon when I can't find anything else to buy.

  2. thanks! got lucky to find them so cheaply and back-to-back.

    good luck grabbing one!

    I get their junior hockey link, but what are you referencing in terms of the '05 Draft? I feel like you may be referring to Bobby Ryan, perhaps....

  3. HAH!!! Yeah, I was referring to Bobby Ryan. Whoops.

  4. Haha, no worries. I was confused because Perry and Crosby have the junior hockey link, so I was like damn, what am I missing?!?!


    Oh, and you won't be able to pick up a Ruby or Sapphire Ryan auto from last year's Dominion, as apparently they were somehow lost and won't be replaced....