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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Dominion, My Affection For You Will Never Cease.

I've made it no secret that Panini's inaugural release of the high, high-end Dominion is my favorite hockey product of all-time. As a Ducks' fan, I was happy to see a number of Anaheim players prominently featured in said product. Acquiring one of the Ruby Autographs, with a print-run of 50, of each Duck was a goal of mine. It was easy enough with Ryan Getzlaf, but for the longest time I could not find the others at reasonable prices. That recently changed.

Numbered 30/50, I ran across the sweet Corey Perry signature above with no bids and about 35 minutes remaining in the auction. Soon thereafter, it was mine for under half a blaster ($9.74 shipped). As one of the below labels on this post suggests, it's about damn time. An on-card John Hancock, Perry inscribing his number, and a fantastic design on top of the short-printed nature of Dominion Ruby Autos makes this a wonderful addition to my collection.


  1. You're a bad influence on me, dude. I currently have rubys of Luc Robitaille, Marc-Andre Fleury, and Jordan Staal en route.

  2. I have no en route. Cuz no Hawks hit a low enough price range. :(

  3. You're not alone in loving the Dominion set, last year's set had one of my favorite insert sets of all time:


    Very nice pick-up by the way, especially for that price.

  4. thanks guys!

    Matt- haha, can't wait to see 'em!

    Jeff- In time, perhaps. We can only hope.

    sbl- I prefer last year's Dominion design-wise to this year's. Plus, there was way more Getzlaf last year.

    My wallet, of course, prefers this year's haha. And a beautiful set, congrats on completing it!