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Friday, October 26, 2012

Some Vintage eBay Pickups From A Blogging Buddy, Manupatches & Mustaches.

A while back I scored a couple of nice auctions full of vintage goodness from eBay. The auctions happened to originate from our fellow blogger Eric, who runs Manupatches & Mustaches. A couple of cards in particular stood out to me when I was looking at Eric's auctions, and I was fortunate enough to take most if not all of them down (my memory is somewhat hazy as all of this occurred months ago).

One card that caught my eye is a fantastic example of why there should be more beards on cards. This 1917 Will's Cigarettes card commemorates Allied Army Leaders and features His Majesty King George V. That is one phenomenal beard the King's sporting, though his eyes betray him for what he so clearly is: a zombie.

The next card I really wanted to land was this fantastic Player's Cigarettes card from 1905. Issued by John Player and Sons, it presents the German flag and arms pre-Hitler. As a Jew and a former History major, I find Germany to be an interesting case study, and this German flag is just awesome. Mostly because it's the pre-1933 German flag, but nevertheless, it is quite cool.

I couldn't pass up this fantastic piece of boxing cardboard from 1910 Mecca Cigarettes of George Foster. I seem to remember it being the cheapest out of everything that came my way, along the lines of 99 cents before the combined shipping rate. It hails from the T218 Prize Fighters subset.

Those were the main cards I felt I needed to grab, and everything else was just gravy. Let's get to the rest, beginning with the above card of Japan. I have a feeling Spiegel or Fuji may be interested.

This Lion card is just awesome, for some reason. I don't know, but it's taken a decent amount of my attention. That would explain the solo scan. I did enjoy the astronomy class I took in college.

I could easily see the Hollywood-themed card heading to Sam at The Daily Dimwit, as I believe his wife collects Hollywood cards. I hope I'm right, because I've been desperate to come up with some stuff for him, as we're working on a trade.

And finally, I got lazy and scanned these horizontal cards together. It does allow me to show how well Eric packaged everything, and the helpful stickers on just about every card alerting me to their birth year. Click to embiggen for a better look at these seven cards. There are a few British-themed, which is probably appropriate, as I've been watching more British programming, enjoying British comedians displaying their craft, and finding a lot of my recent music through The Graham Norton Show, a British chat show which just so happens to be the best chat show anywhere in the world. It puts the unfunny Leno & Letterman to shame.

Eric wasn't done there though, as he sent along a few nice and new Kemp and Kershaw PC additions as a "just because."

All in all, I was and still am stoked with this purchase, as I picked up 14 truly vintage cards for what was around $11-13.

Thanks Eric! These have found a good home with me (and with whomever may eventually get one or two of them in the future)!


  1. That lion card is a steal. Nice grab.

  2. You can never go wrong with a Mecca Boxer card. They are some of the nicest tobacco cards of the era with a set of strong and interesting images.

  3. Related, but every time i see George V I think It's Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

  4. That Japan card is sweet! You know me too well... I'll be hunting one of these down.

  5. thanks guys!

    Martyn- Definitely haha.


  6. Glad you liked the cards. And, coincidentally, the stickers on the penny-sleeves were put there by the seller that I bought them from. I wish I was that organized. :)

  7. haha, what an honest chap you are! I shall still give you the credit.