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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trade With Too Many Verlanders: Bryce Harper, Pujols, A Grip of Rookie Goodness, and A Slew of Tomlinsons.

I completed my third trade with Dennis from Too Many Verlanders. You can check out our first swap here and our second deal here. Dennis, a man of all things Michigan, is one of my favorite bloggers to read, as he posts witty things and enjoys similar topics as I do, namely rookies and Alison Brie.

The crux of the deal for me is this sweet Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome RC. I'm a huge Harper fan, and had the pleasure of taking in his major league debut earlier this year in what was a phenomenal game overall that ended in a Matt Kemp walkoff homer. Harper had a crazy good rookie campaign, posting a 4.9 fWAR as a 19-year-old in a season in which he started in the minors and suffered through a terrible slump for a decent stretch. He's going to be a BEAST.

Next up, a really cool dual jersey relic featuring Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. I don't have much Pujols stuff, so I'm always happy to grab something when I can. The Fielder is just my second hit of his, and both feature more than just the largest one-time vegetarian I've ever seen.

Some rookie cards made their way west, as I was on a rookie kick when I was looking through Dennis' bait. That, and I have a huge soft spot for 2002 Bowman. Rookies of Joe Mauer and Zack Greinke are welcome additions to my collection. The Greinke sadly didn't scan as well as I had hoped.

I have an inordinate amount of Joey Bats rookies, so why not add another?

Hey, it's a true PC addition! Numbered 36/99, Dennis mentioned that he could snatch this from COMC if I wanted to deal for it, and I did, as I didn't have it and it's extremely American. And judging by one of the tags for this post that I frequently make use of, you can guess I enjoy a good American anything, especially when I can hashtag it #MERICA.

A sweet purple refractor RC of Ryan Mathews popped out next. As we all know so well by now, Topps Chrome cards are exceedingly difficult to scan due to bend.

Penultimately, a plethora of LaDainian Tomlinson cards. I have no idea how Dennis accumulated so many, but LT is my all-time favorite football player, so I'm always pleased to give his cards a home. Also, I really need to start using a new nine-pocket page to scan cards in.

And finally, a pair of rookie backstops in the form of another new Russ Martin and a sweet Chrome RC of Carlos Santana. The nine-pocket strikes again on the bottom of the Santana.

Thanks for yet another excellent trade Dennis!


  1. Glad you liked the stuff! And you're totally my Alison BrieFF 4ever

  2. Hmm. Funny they picked a Canadian for that Stars and Stripes card.

    In other news, I tried landing some of those off ebay when they came out, but was never able to. May have to try again.

  3. Dennis- Thanks again!


    Roy- Ha, hadn't even caught that. And give it another shot. I'm not a huge manupatch guy, but it's a sweet-looking card. COMC has some.