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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whipped and Loving It.

By Dominion, of course. While this year's iteration has its fine qualities and some Getzlaf goodness, I'm still primarily focused on the inaugural release of the high-end hockey product from Panini. My latest addition is another of the patches /25, marking my ninth of the small print-run.

Numbered 10/25, it's a piece of Captain Getz's nameplate. I made a best offer to the seller of half of what he or she was looking for, and he or she thankfully accepted. It took me a bit of time to figure out where the patch comes from, but after some examination it appears it could only be the beginning of the "G" turned clockwise 90 degrees.


  1. Nice, dude, that's a pretty slick rainbow/collection you've got going there!

  2. You may be becoming a hoarder. Just saying.

  3. Some companies do patches right. It's nice to see that they made the extra effort with their highest-end product.

  4. thanks guys!

    Dennis- I hope to one day complete it!

    Roy- Probably, most certainly, yes.

    Matt- For sure, one of the reasons I love Dominion so much. Although I have seen patches /25 that are just white or mostly, mostly white. At least one of Getzs is, which I lost out on.