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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trade With Steve Drennen: Picking Up A Matt Kemp Auto Makes For A #BeastMode Day.

I completed my first trade with Steve Drennen who, though he doesn't have a blog, is well known around these here blogging parts. Steve won a contest over at The Snorting Bull, and knowing the teams Steve collects, I thought he might be willing to part with his winnings if the offer struck him just right.

It did, thankfully, and I was able to swing a deal for the above Matt Kemp autograph, #'d 196/245. It's about time I add another John Hancock to my Bison collection, but with Kemp's MONSTER 2011 that should have netted him the NL MVP Award, it's hard to find affordable Kemp signatures nowadays. The silver on black is FANTASTIC, just nails. It marks Kemp autograph # 9, and I like to think it was Matty's doing that led to the smudged auto.

Steve also sent along a pair of new Russ Martins, which is much appreciated.

And finally, a sweet David Lee Chrome RC. Lee has never played for one of my favorite teams, but I enjoy watching him play nevertheless and don't turn down hits or RCs of his when they present themselves.

Thanks for the great trade and being willing to part with the Kemp Steve, I appreciate it!


  1. LOVE Sweet Spot autos... Dodgers : (

  2. haha, I do as well, especially when they don't fade.

    and there's always next year....

  3. Nice pick up! I was wondering where this thing went. Glad it ended up in another Dodger fan's hands.

  4. Like Dodgerbobble said, happy to reroute it. Props to The Snorting Bull for having it as a prize.

  5. indeed DB!

    And thanks again Steve!