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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Masterful Masterpiece of Chad Billingsley.

I'm a HUGE Chad Billingsley fan, and though he's perhaps the most polarizing Dodger of the last decade this side of Jonathan Broxton - I leave out Juan Pierre because the love for him was insane to begin with - I don't judge him on body language or any garbage like that. His stats speak for themselves, and he's been a very good pitcher over his LA career, and one of the most underrated Dodgers in recent memory.

His 2008 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius on-card auto has been on my must have list for some time, and I was finally able to land one for a great price - six clams delivered - after an eBayer accepted a Best Offer I submitted. Masterpieces is a product you can't not love, and I'm always happy to add a Bills' auto to my PC.

With a career 3.66 FIP, almost 8 Ks per game, and two seasons of ~4.5 fWAR (his 2012 was on the way to eclipsing 4 fWAR before his elbow gave out), I for one am always happy to watch Chad toe the rubber. A bobblehead of the Defiance, Ohio righty is long overdue, and hopefully his rehab continues to progress smoothly and he can avoid Tommy John surgery.


  1. bills should get a 'bobble-thighs'. his legs are huge. gigantism, maybe.

  2. Hey! The only argument I have against Bills is that I hate his body language and his sad face. Hahaha!

  3. The Masterpieces set is still one of the nicest sets made in the last decade in my view, great card !