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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My First Shawn Green Auto, You Goyim.

It gives me great pleasure to honor a great Jew this morning on this, my Sabbath. Well, I rest a lot, in fairness, but Sundays are my kickback days when, on every other Sunday, I play kickball. I'll be off to play said kickball in a few hours, but before I do I must present you with my first Shawn Green auto.

Numbered 057/399, it hails from the Limited Greats subset of 2011 Panini Limited. I love that Shawn included his number 15, and for just a measly 99 cents plus two bucks to ship it, it was stereotypically and awesomely cheap. I now have the great urge to re-watch The Hebrew Hammer and Judy Greer in particular.


  1. I didn't even know this card existed. That is an awesome purchase.

  2. Gotta be the first time a card blog has a label, "Shabbat Shalom Motherfuckers". Awesome!

  3. nice pickup. it took me a long time to finally get a green certified auto - i went for a topps gallery on card. green autos:green relics as california condors:pigeons.

  4. Thanks Mike!

    Hackenbush- Haha, I try.

    gcrl- Excellent comparison good sir.