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Friday, November 23, 2012

High-End Getzlaf # 5: 2005-2006 UD SPx Rookie Jersey/Auto.

As we come to the conclusion of this week of high-end Getzlafs, it's only appropriate that we look back on what Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday held for our collective splurging psyches. Now that the montage is behind us, we take a gander at the last card on display, one I have wanted in my Getz PC for the longest time.

I present Getz's 2005-2006 SPx Rookie Auto/Jersey combination, numbered out of a plentiful 1499 (0736/1499). These had always gone for just a bit over what I was looking to pay, and considering how many are out there, I knew I could wait. More importantly, I did not want to settle for one that had a cut-off Getzlaf signature. I waited and waited until the above finally made itself available.

As you can see, the auto is intact, and it is one of the two best I have ever seen on this particular card. For under a blaster, it's a card I am very, very pleased to finally cross off of the list that doesn't actually exist.

That does it for this week of high-end Ryan Getzlaf cards that now call my collection of the Captain home. I appreciate every one of you that has taken the time to check out any or all of these five posts.


  1. F-Yeah! Love those SPx autographed jersey rookies. Beautiful card.

  2. How do you display all the Getzlaf's?

  3. Fuji- Thanks!

    Brad- Toploaders or magnetics for everything that's a rookie, hit, or good numbered base/insert.

    The magnetics have just gone for my top-end Dominion stuff.

  4. Great looking card, I never realized that his sticker autos had issues consistently like that. My Getzlaf SPX has the issues you mentioned, I lost a tiny bit of the bottom of the R and the top curl of the G

  5. Dave- Yeah, some of his autos from the product are even just initials, and cut-off ones at that.

  6. Wow...does that interest you to try and get initial variations or do you just try to get the best auto possible?

  7. I'm down to pick up anything that's reasonably-priced haha.

    I would love another SPx, but I wouldn't base it on how he signed. I'd look for a multicolored relic copy.