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Thursday, November 22, 2012

High-End Getzlaf # 4: 2009-2010 UD Trilo3y 1-2 Clearcut Combos Dual Auto with Bobby Ryan.

The penultimate card in this week's look at high-end Captain Getz cards is unique from its fellow high-enders in that it is the only one of the five cards to not solely feature Ryan. It's a twofer both in terms of guys I like and Ryans as this beaut makes its debut.

Numbered 016/100, it's a phenomenal dual on-card auto of Ryan Getzlaf and his sometimes linemate Bobby Ryan. Your eyes do deceive you though - well, the scan deceives you - as it's not meant to raise awareness for breast cancer with pink autos. They are blue as blue can be, but my scanner hates blue, apparently. It's my second different dual auto of the two (and third overall), as I have a Be A Player of the two in each of my Getz and Bobby PCs. While I love that card, it can't compare to this fantastic piece of thick plastic-y goodness.

It hails from 2009-2010 UD Trilo3y and the 1-2 Clearcut Combos Dual Auto subset. It was less than a blaster, and I'm thrilled to have taken down the auction. With this newest addition to my Captain Getz PC, it's 4 down and just 1 to go. Stay tuned for the grand finale tomorrow.

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