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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

High-End Getzlaf # 3: 2011-2012 Panini Titanium Six Star Complete Sweater.

We've reached the midway point in the week's Getzlaf high-end fun. Fittingly, we have a fantastic and fun entry into this countdown of sorts and my Getz PC. I actually almost landed a second copy for an ever better price, but alas, that fell short. However, I'm extremely happy to have the one in my clutches, and it was paid for with money in my PayPal account, which makes it all the sweeter.

Titanium! Numbered to a scant 25 - 19/25 in my case - it's a gorgeous six-piece relic from 2011-2012 Panini Titanium, one of the best products to come out on the hockey market in a long time. It's part of the Six Star subset and features pieces of Getz's jersey, jersey number, nameplate, and fight strap, as well as prime and patch pieces to top it all off.

I got a fantastic deal on it in comparison to what multiple other copies have gone for, and it's the second cheapest I've come across (the other being the second copy I almost won). I absolutely adore cards the feature "compete sweaters," and aim to add a couple more of The Captain before it's all said and done.


  1. That looks sweet! Reminds me of the Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade cards, which I love.

  2. I agree with Dennis. I am waiting for those to be the next big thing Topps comes out with for baseball.

  3. I love this card. I'm looking for a Crosby, but the only ones I ever see on Ebay go for about three bills. Maybe one day.

  4. Thanks gents!

    Dennis/Roy- Nice catch, hadn't even thought of that but now that I do I'm in full agreement. Those Tools of the Trade are sweet.

    Matt- Good luck tracking an affordable one down!