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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

High-End Getzlaf # 2: 2005-2006 Fleer Hot and Prized Prospects Auto/Patch.

Continuing with the week's theme of elegance and pinkie out fancy smancy is this fantastic rookie auto/patch I was able to land for a massive steal. These types of Getzlaf cards never stayed in my range but for whatever reason this night was different, as I was able to pluck the below from the clutches of eBay for a paltry $22.50 delivered, with free shipping.

Numbered 253/349, it's a sweet 2005-2006 Fleer Hot Prospects Rookie Patch/Auto that features a patch from a photo shoot sweater worn by the future Ducks' Captain. What really drew me to the card - on top of the fantastic deal I was in line for - was the full auto and the wonderful patch. The patch has a ton of stitching and is either from a nameplate or jersey number, it would appear, which makes it right up my alley. I also love the subset name of Prized Prospects, and Getzlaf has certainly lived up to that high praise.

As with any rookie auto, you generally get a fuller signature, although Getz has had a remarkably consistent and excellent signature, which I love and appreciate very much. It all ended up on the sticker, and with that, the card ended up as the newest member of my Ryan G. PC.


  1. Damn... that's a mighty fine looking card. Even if it's a Duck ;-)