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Monday, November 19, 2012

High-End Getzlaf # 1: 2011-2012 Panini Crown Royale Silhouette Auto/Jumbo 2-Color Patch.

Kicking off this week of high-end Ryan Getzlaf cards is an absolutely amazing and crazy expensive card. When I first became aware this card existed, I stumbled across an eBay auction and had the high bid on it for a bit, but it went for way more than I expected. At that point I didn't think I'd ever own one, but as luck would have it, I managed to score the below beaut for about half of what they'd been going for.

Boom. Numbered 02/25, it's a Silhouette Auto/Jumbo Patch from '11-'12 Panini Crown Royale. The patch is an awesome two colors with stitching and a FAT seam. I had a deal in place on SCF after losing out on the first, but that fell through only for me to locate this even better deal. At the time of its acquisition, it was the most I had ever spent on a card. However, that didn't bother me, as I was able to use Card Draft # 2 funds to purchase it. The Silhouette is the final card from the pieces of cardboard purchased through that draft that needed a post of its own.

It's a most, most welcome addition to my Captain Getz PC, and begins what will be a really fun week of splurges of the high-end variety.


  1. Wow! I don't buy much modern wax, and certainly not any higher-end stuff, so I had never even seen that concept of a player silhouetted over a patch. Very impressive piece of cardboard right there!