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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Upcoming Week and Site News.

This upcoming week - well, Monday through Friday - will feature nothing but high, high-end Getzlaf cards I've picked up in 2012. Though I know most of you in the blogosphere are baseball fans and I can probably count the big hockey guys on one hand, I hope you will all nevertheless stop by and check out some fantastic new additions to my collection.

Now, for the Site News stuff. I'm considering one last Card Draft to end 2012. If you've participated in either of the previous two, you know the drill: roughly 35-40 cards per entrant (at least), lots of variety, hits of all kinds, and a price tag of $25 which includes shipping. If you think you'd be interested, please leave a comment. The cards available are even better this time around.


  1. Autographed Kate Upton cards or I am NOT IN!


  2. Looking forward to the Getzlafs.

    I'd definitely be interested in another draft, as well.

  3. I'm not having much luck with the box breaks I've participated in so maybe a draft would hit the mark. I'm in if you do one.

  4. Jeff- Wasn't that your task via the TTMs? I DEMAND ANSWERS!

    Matt- Awesome, glad to see you're interested! And thanks in advance for checking out the Getzs!

    Scott- Ditto to you regarding the draft! Also, I shall be e-mailing you tonight.