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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Russell Martin and A Witty Star Wars Title.

I recently acquired my second Hope Diamond Parallel, and I can't get over how absolutely AMAZING they are in-hand. For just over a five-spot, this bad boy can now call my collection its home.

Numbered 10/60, it's an awesome addition to my Martin PC, and I'm really happy it's a Russ Dodgers' card. What's so noticeable, of course, is how awesome this card is with all of the blue, and the Dodgers of course being the Blue Crew. Such great symmetry.


  1. They seem to be the regular Diamond Anniversary cards with a blue tint and #'ed to 60...am I wrong?

    Your scan was the first time I have noticed the tint, and it doooesss look quite nice.

  2. Roy- You are correct. Just another parallel so Topps can make some extra dough, but damn are they ever nice.

    Moe- Thanks!

  3. Awesome pick up! I love these cards. I know you'll appreciate this - I picked up a David Wright Hope Diamond card last March on Ebay for just $2.99 shipped. I was the only bidder. Easily one of my best purchases of the year.

  4. Steve- Thanks! And damn, that's a massive steal! Congrats congrats congrats!