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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Dominion Gold For Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus.

I scored a truly sweet deal recently from my old friend eBay, landing the below Corey Perry 2011-2012 Dominion Base Gold Parallel /25 for the low, low opening bid of 99 cents plus a buck to ship it my way. The scan doesn't do it justice as the card looks fuzzy and the gold actually looks more like bronze to me. It is most certainly golden in-hand though.

Numbered 01/25 - oh damn, eBay 1/1 GOOOOLD! - it was too good a deal and too nice a card to pass up, even though I don't really want to admit I kind of collect the Ducks' right winger. I took advantage of the seller's combined shipping discount to pick up an on-card auto from 2012 Topps Tier 1 as Trade Bait, as well as another Red Hot Rookie Redemption from Topps of one Clayton Edward Kershaw. Combined, the three cards clocked in at under five clams.

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