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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arggggh, An Awesome Patch.

I try not to overpay for cards but if I'm going to it has to be an insanely awesome card of one of my main guys or a card I simply can't collect without owning. A sick patch like the one below is also a surefire way to make my wallet spring open.

It was under a blaster for the beaut featured today and this newest Getz is another welcome and excellent addition to my PC of the Ducks' Captain. Click to embiggen. Seriously. The patch is THAT fantastic. Lots of stitching, the patch comes from a piece of the number from Getz's AHL sweater (the beginning of the middle of the 9), there is some jersey mixed in, and the relic is full of great color. While it is the base version, it happens to be limited to just 30 copies. An absolute stunner, for sure.


  1. Great pick-up, I'm not much of a "hit" guy but even I can appreciate that patch. Awesome score!

  2. Great pick-up, and I love how they have that texture on the patch.