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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trade With Brad's Blog: Kemp and Kershaw Five Star Goodies and A Billingsley Auto "I"

I completed my first trade with Brad from the aptly-named Brad's Blog. Brad originally posted a card I was interested in and I put out a trade feeler. I'm glad I waited to complete the trade because Brad posted another card I had to have and alerted me that he had a third card that might interest me.

We shall start with the card Brad mentioned I might like. Boy, do I ever. This beaut comes from the ultra-high-end 2012 Topps Five Star and is numbered 21/25. It features an awesome and big on-card auto of Kid K paired with a sweet blue patch piece that has a seam. It's a most welcome addition to my Kersh Collection and marks John Hancock # 20. I don't have plans to buy Five Star - especially with the product-wide chipping issue - so it's fantastic to pick this baby up via trade.

Moving on to the second card Brad posted which caught my eye. Once again, Five Star is on the menu. This sweet silver parallel, numbered 02/10, is a phenomenal addition to my Bison PC.

The card which started it all. Chad Billingsley is often a neglected aspect of my collecting interests. Every so often I realize I haven't added anything to my Bills PC and thankfully I was able to remedy that this time with a By The Letter signature. Manupatch autos are pretty cool in-hand and this is only one of a few that has found a home in my collection. It's serial-numbered 028/150.

Brad also threw in some surprise 2012 Ginter, knocking off 10 cards I needed, including the Bryce Harper RC. Thanks for the absolutely amazing trade Brad!


  1. Good stuff.

    I don't think I'll ever get close to Five-Star, not even in trades.

    Guess that "Five-Star Club" thing is out.

  2. Man, Brad is a killer trader. Great stuff.

  3. Thanks for the trade and the nice post!

  4. Just the other night I was looking at my lone Kershaw auto, thinking, "One auto is enough."

    No way. I totally want one of those Kershaws myself. Nice card.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Night Owl- There are actually some affordable Five Star Kershs on eBay.

    Dhoff- Indeed he is!

    Brad- Of course, thank you again!

    Oscar- One Kershaw is never enough!