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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My 2013 IBWAA Hall Of Fame Ballot (Hint: I Voted People In)

I had a vote for the Hall of Fame through the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America, run by Howard Cole. It's set-up the same way the BBWAA runs things, where you can vote for 10 guys. I believed more than 10 guys were worthy, but unfortunately I couldn't vote for everyone. Here's the ballot I submitted with players listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Bagwell
  2. Biggio
  3. Bonds
  4. Clemens
  5. Edgar Martinez
  6. McGwire
  7. Piazza
  8. Schilling
  9. Trammell
  10. Larry Walker

Others who had my vote but were left off of the ballot due to the voting limit:

Larkin (who wasn't elected by the IBWAA in 2012)
Marvin Miller

The guys who are borderline in my mind but I'd have no problem voting for and kind of want to:

Gil Hodges
Kenny Lofton

A Hall of Fame without Mike Piazza is a Hall of Fame I don't respect.

Thanks, as always, to Howard for allowing me to participate and have a vote.


  1. You didn't vote for Aaron Sele?


  2. Martinez, Schilling, and Walker before Raines? Raines should have already been in.

  3. Jeff 1- Naw but I considered Todd Walker :O

    Jeff 2- I think they should all be in.