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Friday, January 11, 2013

Site News: A New Project - 1975 Fleer Pioneers of Baseball.

Inspired early on in my card collecting and blogging ways by Blue Heaven's Ernest Reyes and his quest to put together a set of Allen & Ginter N28s, I aimed significantly on the cheaper side of things and decided I would eventually like to put together the 1975 Fleer Pioneers of Baseball 28-card set.

I soon thereafter went to eBay and picked up a pair cheaply. Mike "King" Kelly will easily be my favorite after reading up on him. Two years or so went by before I added anything more to the project even though I would occasionally check eBay. I finally pulled the trigger on a lot of seven for $2.50 delivered (which included two doubles), with one catch: I wasn't sure they were from the right year.

(Please ignore the penny sleeves wreaking havoc....) I originally thought my first two were from '75 and when the lot of seven arrived, was disappointed to see they were from '74. Unsure of what to do, I dug out the first two and then realized that they were all in fact from 1975, even though they say 1974 on the back. Mini-not-really-crisis averted. My Want List has been updated accordingly with the remaining 21 that I need to complete this awesome set:

2. Harry Wright
3. Buck Ewing
4. A.G. Spalding
5. Old Ross Radbourn
6. Dan Brouthers
7. Roger Bresnahan
9. Ned Hanlon
10. Ed Delahanty
11. Pud Galvin
12. Amos Rusie
13. Tommy McCarthy
14. Ty Cobb
15. John McGraw
17. Johnny Evers
21. John Glasscock (Editor's Note: .....ha....)
22. Hal Chase
24. Jake Daubert
25. Mike Donlin
26. John Clarkson
27. Buck Herzog
28. Art Nehf

Now, to figure out how the hell to store these safely in a binder with appropriately-sized pages....


  1. You have a Glasscock and a Pud. I think I am going to avoid this set.

  2. I love this set as well.
    I have 16, but no dupes. Together, we almost have a complete set !

    I'm getting ready to send your Olsen auto and was looking for something to put with it.

    Hmmm... we'll see !

  3. Aha !! I just found a 1992 UD #482 John Candelaria.

  4. I can't tell you how many hours I spent poring over the cards in this set; I bought a bunch of these from packs back in 1975 and I loved the set then, only I don't know where my cards got to. Done in by their unusual size, I guess.

    Once I've convinced myself that the cards I once owned are truly gone, I'll go back and rebuild the set... but I keep hoping that they'll pop up in a storage box of old school notebooks and such.

  5. Jeff- Haha, I thought this set, for that reason alone, would be right up your alley ;) Also, I know I still need to respond to that e-mail you sent earlier in the week....

    Baseball Dad- Haha, thanks for checking and thanks in advance for the Candelaria! And it is an awesome set. One day we shall each complete it!

    shlabotnik- Good luck! Hopefully they do turn up and aren't lost to the ages.