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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My First Dime Box.

Way back in March of 2012 I hit up my first Dime Box on a trip to Spiegel's LCS. I spent a grand total of $2 but, as with so many Dime Box experiences you read about in the blogging world, I was able to pick up some really cool cards. So thanks, Nick, for the idea. The scans look terrible unless you click on each, for some reason. So click on each.

I'll start with rookies of a Hall of Famer and a not Hall of Famer. Sam, the Bagwell is yours if you need it. Roy-Z, let me know if you're interested in the Delgado.

I found some pretty cool metal/promotional cards in the large Dime Box. The Jones has not been peeled and the Wood says "Promotional Sample" on the back.

I had to represent for the Jewish people when I saw multiple Shawn Greens. Roy, let me know if you want one of the Greens.

I plucked a couple of '70s cards from the clutches of the 10 cent bin. The Boone has already been dealt to Brad R. I love the colorful design of '75 Topps. This paragraph is Night Owl-approved.

Though I don't consider '70s cards to be vintage, two of the above definitely fall in the vintage category. The Martin slipped into the wrong scan.

Back to some '70s cardboard with another trio of ten penny pieces. Sam, are you in need of some Lemonjello?

Three modern-day "rookies."  At least I assume there's a good chance more than one, if not all, aren't the prescribed rookie card for each player. Not that I particularly care.

And finally, a card I only picked up due to name recognition. A need for you, Roy?

All in all, it was an enjoyable adventure digging through rows and rows of ten cent cardboard. An adventure I look forward to undertaking again and again.


  1. Good finds. Dime boxes are always a joy to dig through. We should meet up soon and get some cards.

  2. Very nice finds! I've always had a soft spot for those metal cards.

    Thanks to yours and Spiegel's and a few other blogs, I've heard about this card shop quite a bit around here lately. It seems to have quite a legendary dime box.

    It kind of has me wanting to take a trip out west to check it out. I'm sure I'd find quite a few pieces for my collection.

  3. Wish my LCS' dime boxes were loaded with stuff like that!

  4. Is that a miscut vintage I see below that Martin? How many Kemps will it take to wrestle it from your mitts?

  5. Yay dime box. Whoa... is that card super mis-cut?

  6. There must have been a little RoyZ standing on your shoulder in that shop. Of the ones you mentioned, I do n't think I have any. Especially like that Carlos...not sure how that has escaped me for so long.

  7. Spiegel- Definitely! A trip back there is in order!

    Nick- I think you might never leave that shop if you saw their dime box haha. But yeah, head out West. We're a welcoming bunch.

    Colbey- I wish my LCS had one too haha. It's a bit of a drive for me but fun every once in a while.

    Jeff- Yeah, I neglected to mention it but it is god-awfully miscut. I owe you cards for our trade anyways so it's yours my friend. Also, I need to return your e-mail STILL. My apologies.

    Arno- I don't own a card more miscut haha.

    RoyZ- Imagery aside haha they are all yours. I'll e-mail you.