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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lovably Lustrous.

The hockey lockout and truncated season haven't dissuaded my desire to pursue awesome Ryan Getzlaf cards. If the price is right, I jump. As you can see below, jump I most certainly did.

Numbered 27/50 - oh snap, a one of one to Matt Kemp's jersey number (!) - is this recent amazing acquisition, a sweet auto/dual sweater relic from Upper Deck Black Lustrous Materials. The pieces of Getz's sweater are encased under some sort of Lucite-like material so I can't get at 'em. I do like that the card features The Captain back when he sported an "A" and not The C.


  1. I love me some UD Black and that sir is a sweet example. I never bought a pack/box of the stuff but on the secondary market deals are to be had!! Nice score.