Saturday, February 16, 2013

Once You Go Black....

I admit it. I love black.

I just can't get enough of black refractors, especially when the cardboard in question is the "true rookie card" of one of my main guys, Russell Martin. I already own the base version from 2005 Topps Update and now possess a significantly more fantastic variation, numbered 033/250. So much shiny blue, so appropriate.

The card did not arrive in my mailbox alone, however. The base and black refractor chrome are now joined in a Trifecta of Awesomeness by the regular chrome version. What could possibly be better than two new chrome-y Russ Rookies?

How about a third? From 2005 Bowman Chrome comes card number 224 in that set. 240 is also a vital number, as that is my new total of unique Russ cards. I picked up a fourth rookie in the lot, but it was a dupe. A dupe I'm happy to have, but a dupe nevertheless.


  1. Black refractors are by far the best. I have a Vernon Wells from that of my favorite cards.

    And the JPA black refractor auto from '11 Chrome? Forget about it.