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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Hero, Rafi. #TheLeague


  1. Got to love people that post Roofie jokes. Clearly you are a sack of shit and hopefully do not know anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault. I wonder if your ad sponsors have seen this post?

  2. It would be in your best interest to immediately remove this post. While it is great to aspire to things in life, it is not great to aspire to violate the rights of people through the use of Rohypnol. Jokes about such matters are not comical and are offense and hurtful to individuals how have been drugged and sexual assaulted. No matter what action you use choose to take this post and your website has already been flagged and a compliant has been filed with Blogger. Further, several of the sponsor and organizations links have been emailed screen shots of the post along with a request to halt sponsorship of your page along with termination of your employment or membership. Understand that this a a serious matter to some and your ignorance, misinformation, and lack of clear thinking on this matter is inexcusable.

  3. Anonymous guy, these are quotes from a TV show that people watch and enjoy. The jokes are cringe worthy and some folks enjoy that humor.

    You can ignore words that bother you. No need to make an issue when there are a million other sites for you to visit that would suit your interests better.

  4. Michael- Indeed, one of the best on TV. And Rafi is hilarious.

    Spiegel- Couldn't have said it better myself. I find the character funny, not the acts the fake character fake does.

    Anon- I guess we should never allow anyone to watch Schindler's List since it portrays horrific things. The League is a show, Rafi is a fake character on a fake show. If you don't like it don't watch it.

    I do in fact know someone who was sexually assaulted, and my finding a character on a show who mentioned roofies to be a funny character doesn't mean I approve of sexual assault.

    Which is obvious to anyone with a brain.

    Don't presume to know things about me or think I post things to appease your humorless sensibilities.

    Peace out esse.

  5. Exactly Spiegel83. The jokes are cringe worthy and this blog site makes a serious attempt at being a relevant corner of the internet through the use of sponsors, advertisements, and professional organizations. What would the consequences of posting the roofie picture be in the normal work place environment? From the response given by Mr. Zakwin he clearly has no clue.

  6. The baseball card posts need to stop as well. You obviously have never been the victim of a vicious papercut.

    Very insensitive.

  7. You're a better man for it. Thank you for fixing this post.

  8. Give me break Rachel. He did not take down the picture because he's a "better" person. Read his response. The picture was taken down because the adults in the conversation won and this clown was told to take it down.

  9. I took it down because it's not worth it, not because of anything or anyone else.

    Gary Becker, don't presume to know how good of a man I am or am not. Nobody told me to take it down. I make decisions on my own because I'm a man and an adult.

    Oh, and adults deal with things they don't like instead of demanding others kowtow to their demands. Try it sometime....

    I find the character and that scene the picture referenced funny, and that hasn't changed.

  10. I have no idea how I missed the original post. Someone must have slipped something in my drink.

  11. If you like the picture and you make decisions on your own then post the picture back on this page. That is absolutely the best decision to make here.