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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Got A (Spring) Fever and The Only Prescription Is More A.J. Ellis Autos.

A.J. Ellis is massively overlooked in the cardboard game, just as he was overlooked in the post-Russell Martin era until 2012. Seriously, Rod Barajas? Get that out of this piece. I digress.

It's become apparent that if you want an A.J. Ellis card with just A.J. Ellis on it, the autographed route is the only way to go. Which is fine by me. And daaaamn, what a gorgeous thing this one is. The blue background is of course perfect with any Dodgers' card and the Spring Training atmosphere is fantastic.

I do wish the John Hancock had been on-card but such is life and I never expect on-card from Topps anyways. This beaut is numbered 051/155 and discusses A.J.'s 2012 breakout campaign. I do give Topps kudos for including Ellis' OBP in their writeup of the Blue Crew backstop. I'm a fan of clogging the bases.


  1. nice pick up. aj is hard to get at the stadium. paid $20 last yr but got two for one in a valley mall. Go blue

  2. Nice, bro. Didn't even know this one existed.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Penguin- Two for one, nice!

    Arno- Go get yourself one!

    DB- Thanks, I love everything about it too!