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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catcher, Chat Show Host, and All-Around Gentleman and Badass: A.J. Ellis, 2012 Topps Update Auto Edition.

A.J. Ellis has become a bit of a legend around these here Dodger parts. He had himself quite the season, is an active Twitterer, and holds it down with Clayton Kershaw on Between Two Palm Trees. Heck, he even got his two cents in on his very first major league baseball card. Which leads me to this most awesome of pickups I recently was able to secure.

Boom! A.J. Ellis' first certified autograph is mine! I first saw this posted over at Dodgers Blue Heaven, and immediately knew I had to add it to my collection, as I'm an A.J. fan. Prices have been quite affordable for this card, although I have seen one or two creep into double-digit territory. I managed to grab it for a really good price, and soon after it arrived. I'm a happy chap.


  1. envious, am I... BTW, what is the "May I Cut In" portion about? The does the back describe what that Golden Moment is all about?

  2. I had him as a the backup catcher on my fantasy team this year. Towards the end of the season I ended up starting him more than McCann.

  3. Dope! I'm going to ebay now to find one.

  4. thanks gents!

    Ernest- Haha, I hadn't actually read the back until now. It commemorates a 3-run walk-off bomb AJ hit in May and a generally excellent month at the dish.

    Ryan- I remember going to pick him up and realizing a buddy had beaten me to him when I really needed his bat because Carlos Santana was on the DL with a concussion.

    DB- Go DB, go! Get it!