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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trade With Democratic Roadkill: A Kershaw 2012 Ginter Red Back Mini /25! And Kate Upton. And Ginter.

I completed my third trade with Duane from Democratic Roadkill. You can find the first here and second here. Duane and I have been in trade talks for some time, and we recently completed said talks. The jewel of the deal for me is the below absolutely amazing Clayton Kershaw Ginter Red Back Mini /25 from 2012 A&G.

Numbered 14/25, it's my newest Kid K and is a most welcome addition. It pairs fantastically well with my Kemp Bazooka Mini /25 from 2011 that was also a trade acquisition. What did I have to give up in order to acquire such a phenomenal piece of cardboard? Just my greatest pull ever, that's what. Well, well worth it. Duane included two more '12 Ginter Clayton minis, of the Ginter Back and Black Border variety. These new Kershs bring my collection of the southpaw to 160 unique cards.

Duane also demolished my 2012 Ginter needs list, sending me 7 Historical Turning Points, 14 of the World's Greatest Military Leaders, 31 What's In A Name? cards, a whopping 84 Base Cards, and an astounding 24 Short Prints. My favorite base card, for which I will still need a second copy:


Thanks for an absolutely fantastic trade Duane! I'll get your stuff out as soon as I can put together a sufficient return package.


  1. There was a Kershaw there? OH, yeah....

  2. I didn't see any baseball cards on this post...

  3. the only way i will ever be able to mentioned anywhere close to Kate Upton.... so there is that...
    Glad u enjoyed the kershaws..... that many cards and the only 3 baseball minis were all kershaws.... how does that happen....

  4. thanks guys!

    GCA/Jeff/Ryan- my sentiments exactly.

    Jeff- I thought this might be of interest to you. :o

    Duane- that happens because it's meant to be haha. I'm stoked the minis were all Kershaws, and I needed them all! many many many thanks again!