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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trade With My Cardboard Mistress: Getzlaf, The Bison, Russ Martin, Rivers, and Longo.

I completed my sixth trade with Adam of My Cardboard Mistress fame. You can review our first deal here, second swap here, third trade here, fourth foray here, and fifth exchange here. Adam sent over a nice array of PC additions, beginning with an unexpected but much appreciated Ryan Getzlaf sweater swatch that is numbered 085/100. It's my newest Captain Getz hit.

A pair of 2012 Ginter minis and a Kemp 1987 Mini - which will go nicely in my Bison and Martin PCs - were the next cards to pop out of the mailer. The Ginter minis both have regular backs, and I now have the Kemp Regular and Ginter back variations from this year.

Sticking with '12 Ginter, my Dirtbags Collection finds itself with a new member in this sweet Evan Longoria relic. Still on the hunt for an on-card Longo John Hancock....

Next up, a cool Philip Rivers relic. The scan doesn't do it justice. I don't have a ton of Rivers stuff, so it's always nice to pick up a hit of the Chargers' QB. I'm still on the lookout for a Rivers signature.

Adam sent along a Matt Kemp relic I already have, but it's still a new addition, as the original one has a gray swatch and this one a white piece of jersey.

The final relic is another double, but it's a Russ Martin double, which is perfectly acceptable in my book.

And last but not least, some random goodness.

Thanks for yet another great trade Adam!


  1. It was a pleasure yet again. I got my cards as well...post coming soon once I get these group break posts done.

  2. glad they arrived safely, and thanks again good sir!