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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trade With 2 by 3 Heroes: Wright, Kemp, Kershaw, Erin Andrews, and A Ton of 2012 Ginter.

I completed my first trade with Jeff from 2 by 3 Heroes. Jeff posted some 2012 Ginter bait and I bit, and what could have been a relatively small trade became a massive one once Jeff realized he had a humongous chunk of my 2012 A&G needs that he didn't have a use for. Before we get to that, here's the awesome card that started the whole thing off:

I'm a huge David Wright fan, as I've mentioned many times on the blog. This '12 Ginter jersey swatch isn't your ordinary relic, as it looks to be some sort of slice of the underneath portion of a patch piece. It's not your regular old swatch with all of that stitching, certainly. What matters is that it has a ton of character, which many of my Wright relics have.

Jeff sent along so much Ginter there is no way I could scan it all, so here's the full damage in non-picture form: 50 Base cards, 11 Short-Prints, 2 Historical Turning Points, and 12 What's In A Name? cards to help me move towards completion. He included fantastic Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw minis that I needed for my Bison and Kid K PCs. The Kershaw mini, in normal form, might be the greatest base card ever. The Kemp mini has a Ginter back, while the Kershaw has a regular back.

There was also a mini of the talented and gorgeous Erin Andrews tucked in the bubbler, which of course I scanned. It needs to be paired with a Kate Upton mini, obviously.

There was other appreciated PC help in the Kemp, Kershaw, and Russ Martin realm, which you can see above. I love quirky additions like the Martin, which is a Randy Wolf card that features the former Blue Crew backstop. A lot of great color in the Matty and Clayton additions, and of course, the Bowman International card just screams 'MERICA.

Thanks for the great trade and the set help Jeff!

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