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Friday, October 19, 2012

My Mistress, Dominion.

I've got yet another Dominion pickup of Ryan Getzlaf to showcase this morning. Today's pretty little thing is a piece of one of the Captain's jersey numbers, and is a fantastic looking piece of patch.

Numbered 17/25, the seller listed it terribly, and not in the "I got a great deal out of his incompetence" way. No, he listed it as a logo patch, when it clearly states on the front of the damn card it's a jersey number piece. That probably added a dollar or two or three or five to the final price. Well, that and there are increasingly less of these available on the market. Partially because I have 8 of the 25, I'd guess. Anyways, it's the fat bottom right portion of the five, where it curves.


Matt Pederson said...

Awesome card, as always.

shoeboxlegends said...

Very nice Getzlaf, you're roughly a third of the way to owning all of those!

Dave H said...

It's a beaut. Well done.

Greg Zakwin said...

gracias gents!

sbl- That's the ultimate goal haha. A potentially unattainable one, but a fun one nevertheless.