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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Matt Kemp Is Sterling In Powder Blue.

I seem to continually find myself winning auctions for cards I didn't expect to win but had to bid on because the price was just too crazy low for my liking. Sometimes I mildly regret the transaction only because it means more dinero out of my pocket but I almost always still end up with a steal of a deal.

Numbered 74/99, the latest example of that trend is this sweet Dual Relic Boxloader (bat, jersey) from 2011 Bowman Sterling. It was had for less than half a blaster and is the newest addition to my Bison PC. The only thing that could make this card better would be to have the bat slice come from Kemp instead of Flash Gordon. I can live with that though considering Kemp is pictured in the PHENOMENAL Brooklyn throwbacks the Dodgers donned last year, though a piece of that jersey would have made me do flips of pure joy. It couldn't have been that hard to procure one those gamers, right?

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