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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Limited Match-Ups, Limited Dual Auto: Clayton Kershaw and Ryan Braun

I love coming across pieces of cardboard I was entirely unaware of. The thrill of discovery is a pretty awesome thing, especially when your discovery is a must-have and the price remains surprisingly reasonable. Case in point, this fantastic and gorgeous card I nabbed a while back from the clutches of eBay.

Numbered out of a scant 20 - 02/20 for my copy - it's a dual auto featuring Clayton "Kid K" Kershaw and Ryan "The Hebrew Hammer" Braun from the Limited Match-Ups subset of 2011 Panini Limited. It marks the 23rd Kersh John Hancock in my PC and just my second Braun signature. Even though Matt Kemp was the rightful 2011 MVP and Braun comes off as a bit shady on the whole PED front, I don't care about PEDs and still collect him and respect his skillset as a player. Kershaw and Braun have faced one another 17 times with Clayton fanning Ryan four times and limiting him to a .294 OBP and one XBH. Spiegel, Arno, and DB, I told ya it was a doozy, no?


  1. Awesome card, man. I'm such a huge fan of Limited, no matter what the sport.

  2. Does Braun load artillery shells in that helmet? :)

  3. What uniform did they airbrush in Braun's photo? Team USA?

  4. Matt- Thanks! And agreed, I really dig Limited.

    Arno- Gracias!

    GCA- Haha, reminiscent of that helmet David Wright wore when he returned after getting beaned in the head years ago.

    Spiegel- Probably, or maybe a minor league uniform?