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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Getzlaf Dominion Printing Plates For The Price of HOLY CRAP There Goes My Wallet Scurrying Away....

Though I prefer '10-'11 Dominion to '11-'12 Dominion, I still want and pursue Ryan Getzlaf cards from both issues of the high, high-end Panini release. So when a pair of awesome cards appeared months apart, I knew I had to have both. Though my wallet wasn't happy, I am quite pleased with the newest additions to my Captain Getz Collection.

Numbered out of a scant one, it's the blue printing plate of Getzy. I wasn't going to let a plate of my favorite ice hockey player get away, especially considering there aren't a lot of printing plates of him hitting the market to begin with.

Oh look, a twin! It's the equally fantastic black 1/1 printing plate. Each plate was had for roughly the same price and were less expensive than the plates I already have from the inaugural run of Dominion. I now just need the red and yellow versions to complete the rainbow, much like I only require the red plate to compete last year's Getzlaf Dominion Printing Plate Rainbow.