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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Formerly LCS Pickups.

I recently picked up a slew of cards that I had won from my former LCS owner, who was kind enough to hold them while I accumulated card after card over a period of a couple of months. Some are ticketed for my Trade Bait, others are bait for specific people I trade with. A few, however, were pickups for yours truly. Let's get started.

I've wanted an autograph of Dan Haren for some time and this baby ran me just a buck eighty, so an easy pickup it most certainly was. It's numbered 191/250 and features Haren in his Cardinals' garb. Haren was quite underrated for a number of years as he put up elite numbers for a half decade between '07-'11.

The above Chapman ran me just a buck and four pennies and considering how electric his stuff is I figured why the hell not. No idea what jersey it came from and when the Reds wore throwbacks of the wool variety but it's a nice get regardless.

Finally, new Dodger Zack Greinke makes an appearance as a Brewer and in gold form. Numbered 39/50, a chrome gold refractor - and for 99 cents, no less - of a current Dodgers' stud is just too good a deal to not jump on. I expect big things from Greinke in Los Angeles regardless of whether he actually lives up to the entirety of the contract he signed. Kershaw-Greinke-Billingsley....hot damn.


  1. That is probably a wool-like material. I have read about other throwbacks using that blend. It does make for a nice look on a throwback, though.

  2. Indeed it does. Unique is rarely a bad thing.