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Monday, April 1, 2013

Trade With My Hockey Card Obsession: Chris Pronger's Time As Ducks' Captain Led To This Card.

I completed my first trade with Brett from My Hockey Card Obsession. Brett was pulling cards of former Duck Chris Pronger with a seeming regularity that he'd only truly appreciate if it were associated with Trevor Linden. One card stood out, and eventually we worked out a one-for-one swap.

A Zdeno Chara All-Star Towel relic netted me the above sweet Captain C two-color "patch" of Pronger, the one-time Anaheim Captain. It's the Silver Version and is accordingly limited to 90 copies. I put patch in quotations because they technically categorized it as a jersey piece, but that gold sneaking in from the top left makes it a patch to me.

Thanks for the awesome trade Brett! I have your Big Z packaged up and ready to go and I apologize for the delay in getting it out. I wanted to make sure I had the updated customs forms.

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