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Friday, May 31, 2013

So, I Started Writing For Yahoo! Sports....

Through the Yahoo! Contributor Network, that is. Following the lead of Dustin and Chris, I decided I would take a shot at penning some pieces for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. I love writing about sports, any exposure would be great, and I could make a few bucks on the side for something I enjoy doing and already do for free. It's been pretty sweet so far, and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting the express posting privilege.

Any clicks, sharing, Re-Tweets, and the like would be much appreciated. Here's a link to my profile page, and that link will soon go up somewhere on this here blog.


And here are the pieces I've had published thus far:

Athletes Can’t Win With Fans, As Personified By Los Angeles Dodgers’ Superstar Matt Kemp.

Los Angeles Dodgers Lefty Clayton Kershaw: The Best and Most Underrated Pitcher in Baseball.

With Los Angeles Dodgers Struggling, It’s Important To Understand What Is and Is Not Don Mattingly’s Fault.

Los Angeles Dodgers Have a History of Mishandling Injuries, But They Did Right by Zack Greinke and His Broken Collarbone.

The Biggest "Goat" in Los Angeles Dodgers History Is A Group That Includes Tommy Lasorda.

Los Angeles Dodgers Must Demote Luis Cruz -- For Good.


  1. Good articles. Always lead with a Kate photo and you have my support.
    = )

  2. Thought it was the Dodgers' Chris Reed at first (not really). That woulda been totes awk.

  3. Interesting stuff. I read the Kershaw article. In my mind, he's the top NL pitcher in the game right now. I'd rank him behind Verlander overall, but it's close enough that I think there's an argument there, too.

    I didn't see the PTI you referenced - but is Kornheiser really bashing him that bad? If he's saying he's not up there with Koufax, Gibson, Seaver, Walter Johnson, etc. - well, I understand that. He's still young and though he's had 4 great years, that's not a full career. Best in the game right now? Certainly up there. One of the best historically? Need to see a decade or so (or just be crazy ridiculous for 5 years like Koufax).

  4. Penguin- Thanks! And I know my readership haha.

    Dustin- That would be massively awesome. And a recipe for disaster haha.

    lifetime- Thanks for checking it out! Kornheiser brushed off Kershaw like he had no business even being on the same planet as those guys and was an average pitcher.

  5. Congratulations. I rarely read articles on the A's or Padres, so I probably won't be hitting up the Dodgers posts. But if you keep showing off Kate, I might just change my mind.

  6. Haha, thanks Fuji! Judging by the blog's history, there will be plenty of Kate to be seen.

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