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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trade With Reader Austin: My First Vintage Newcombe, 1951 Bowman Style.

I completed my first trade with Austin, who commented on my post about Jackie Robinson Night earlier this year. In that post, I mentioned that I only had cards of note for two of the three guys on the statue that the Dodgers gave out that night. I was without anything of Don Newcombe, and Austin offered up a sweet vintage Newk. We met up yesterday and made the always enjoyable in-person trade.

It's about time I finally put in some effort to acquire a vintage Newcombe. From 1951 Bowman, it's an amazing piece of cardboard goodness. The picture of Don, the design of 50s Bowman offerings generally-speaking, and the great color make this an amazing addition to my vintage Dodgers' PC.

MIIIIIINNNNIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS! Night Owl approved, though they're not '75-related. Victorino's face....good lord.

Thanks for the fantastic trade Austin, and it was a pleasure to meet you!


  1. Great meeting you, Greg. Glad you finally got your Newk. And those minis.. LOL. What a pain to store.

  2. Thanks again Austin! And yeah, they can be a pain haha.

  3. Fantastic getting together with people, Greg. Delighted people last but not least got the Newk. The ones minis.. LOL. Such a soreness to retailer.