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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

That Boy Is P-Nuts!

I only know of two baseball players to come out of my hometown: former Dodger Gary Carter and former child actor Harry Lowrey. Well, there's a third - a friend I went to high school with - but he was drafted a couple of years ago and is working his way up through the minors. Lowrey is the less expensive guy to collect, and the only one of the two that has sweet vintage goodness featuring his mug.

Case in point, his 1949 Bowman offering ran me two bucks at the vintage shop I occasionally frequent in Beverly Hills. It's only the second piece of cardboard I own of P-Nuts, and as his rookie card, it's my favorite of the pair.

Harry wasn't actually born in L.A., as the card back states, unless you want to be vague and general in the matter. But it's cool, I know where he hails from. As the people I went to high school with used to say at football games I never attended: "Who's House? C-House!".


  1. I have memories of Lowery as a Cubs coach when I was young. Nice card for two bucks.