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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My 1st Card Show: The Damage.

I attended a card show Saturday in my neck of the woods, the first card show I've ever been to. It was promoted as a heavily vintage show and it certainly lived up to that billing. It's times like these I wish I had a massive budget because there was so, so much I wanted to buy. I spent about half of what I brought, but most importantly, I had a wonderful time with excellent people. I met up with Spiegel, Jesse, Ernest, and Oscar, who made the show even more enjoyable. There's no real order to these purchases, so I'll begin with a big PC addition.


Purchase: 1960 Nu Hi-Lites Campanella + 8 Non-Sports Vintage Cards - $10

The Campanella hails from 1960's Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites and, according to the dealer, is rare-ish. It was the most expensive card of the lot, clocking in at six bucks. It's a most welcome addition to my Campy Collection. All five 1966 Batman cards were had as a small lot for just a buck, and each Russia card, as well as good old Poland, was a dollar. Gotta love Helmar, and the other Russia is basically flawless, front and back.

Ernest mentioned that the Batman set would be too appealing to not put together, and I have to say, he's right on. I'm not going to make a list or go full-bore on that set right now, but I won't turn down picking up any cheap '60s Batman cardboard. Look at that artwork and color. Beautiful.


Purchase: Lot of 4 Hits - $10

This particular seller knew exceptionally little about cards except to occasionally quote Beckett. I almost sold him some of my random bait as the show wound down but he passed, then agreed, then passed again. Anyhoo, Jesse from L.A. Inspiration and I went in on a large lot of cards from this guy and got a great deal on them. Most were Jesse's but these four came home with me.

The Granderson is #'d 10/50 and the Dantley is signed in silver ink. The Spezza is headed to a new trade partner that I owe some cardboard to.


Purchase: 11-Card Lot (Autos, Rookies, and Bait, Oh My!) - $15

Next up, a large lot I bought from a nice guy who had a bunch of boxes you always hope to find at a show - quarter, dollar, and the like. I picked out a few cards for various PCs and kept an eye out for bait, which was abundant. The Espinosa fits right in with my Dirtbags PC and I've wanted a Bosh relic since parting with the couple I had once upon a time. Mr. Stryker, the Walker is yours if you need it, and the Barnum was snagged with a certain Kate Upton fan in mind.

Oscar Taveras is a BEAST, and when I was told his RC would run me just a buck, I jumped quicker than you can imagine. I guess it doesn't book all that high but still, it seemed like a low price. The Cole Chrome RC was also a buck, and I've got to show love to my fellow Bruins' alum. The Berkman and Newton were each a quarter. I'm secretly collecting The Big Puma....don't tell Sam.

A quarter each. I'm a LeBron fan, the Bagwell is just plain awesome, and the Sweeney is ticketed for Roy-Z.


Purchase: Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary Commemorative Comic - $5

Let's move away from cards for a moment to one of the first items that caught my eye as I made my initial pass through the tables. There was one dealer who had a bunch of non-card items and this sweeeeet Jackie comic - "The Legend of The Blue Knight" - immediately captivated me. It was given out by the Dodgers in 1997 and celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Jackie breaking the color barrier. It features magnificent artwork as well as L.A.'s five consecutive ROYs in the mid 1990s.

The above pamphlet was tucked in the protective sleeve behind the comic.


Purchase: 11-Card 1960s/1970s Lot, Various Sports - $4

Back to cardboard additions. I picked up 11 cards from one dealer who was there with his wife and daughter. Really nice guy and family. He had tubs of cards from all sports with a bunch of great stuff and everything was very reasonably priced. The highlight of the lot has to be the 1964 Topps Billy Williams I landed for two dollars. It was the most expensive card, by far, and happens to be in excellent condition. Oh, what could have been for J.R. Richard. The Hollins is the lone basketball card I picked up and can be Cam H.'s if he wants it. JFK played baseball?

The two Bills' cards are headed with the Spezza north of the border. The 1970 Topps Lance Alworth, as a Chargers' fan with nothing even remotely vintage, was an easy buy for just 40 cents. The seller had a number of CFL cards and I was quite drawn to the Gabler and Abendschan. Abendschan was both a guard and a kicker, which is just spectacular.


Purchase: R.A. Dickey 2012 Topps Update All-Star Stitches Jersey - $1

The final purchase I'll cover is actually the first purchase I made. For the sum of one United States dollar bill, I picked up this R.A. Dickey relic from none other than Spiegel. Once again, it has a home other than mine in its near future. For the first hour or so of the show, all I had purchased was the Dickey. Phrasing....boom.


"Purchase": Mike Piazza 1994 Mother's Cookies 4-Card ROY Set - $0

Now, on to the freebies I was fortunate enough to receive. The same dealer I picked up the Billy Williams and Friends from gave me this killer four-card set of Mother's Cookies cards featuring Mike Piazza. The set was released in 1994 and commemorates Mike's '93 Rookie of The Year win.

"Purchase": Jerry Sands RCs - $0

The aforementioned Oscar brought me a few cards, including this pair of Jerry Sands rookies. The colorful Sands is orange even though it scanned red.

"Purchase": Joe Judge 1928 Yuengling's Ice Cream - $0 (!)

A few hours into the show Jesse, Spiegel, and I left to grab a bite at Tito's. If you're not from the L.A. area there's a good chance you're unfamiliar with Tito's. Let me just say it's a tremendous local spot and makes fantastic Mexican food. When we returned I went to find a chair and spotted Mr. Judge on the floor. I asked around and couldn't find an owner. I assume someone bought it and dropped it, especially considering the dealer right near the area didn't have vintage.

It now resides with me. The old "Finder's Keeper" statute of childhood still applies, right? With help from Ernest I know it hails from the 1928 Yuengling's Ice Cream release, a pretty rare set. All I could deduce originally is that the back talked about turning in the Babe Ruth card - who would ever willingly give up a vintage Ruth??? - and receiving quarts of ice cream or a $5 "skooter."

That, and the player on the front played for the Washington Senators. That 35 on the bottom front is quite important, actually. It's the only way I was able to figure out the player is none other than Joe Judge, Brooklyn native and a Dodger for 42 games in 1933. Judge has one card as a Dodger, and it can be found in the 1933 Goudey set I'm putting together.

Not a bad freebie, if I do say so myself.


So, my first card show ever is in the books. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more, and to top it all off I didn't spend everything I brought with me. The guys who set the show up have tentatively scheduled another show, in the same location, for October of 2013.

I can't wait.


  1. Great pickups.
    Making sure I meet up with you guys in Oct.

  2. Is McEnroe available, or is that stayin' put?

  3. Nice!

    And I just realized I need that Jackie comic too. I gotta find a copy. Also, that pamphlet is really unusual. Were they given away with the comic at the Dodger game? I'd love to see what it says inside.

  4. Wow, Vintage CFL, you don't see that everyday.

  5. That is a great Williams for two singles.

  6. Nice find (literally) with that Joe Judge card!

  7. Very nice. I was waiting for this. Love the Batman purchase.

  8. I don't see a whole lot of vintage CFL stuff at shows on this side of the border. Great finds!

  9. Very nice purchases... especially the Batman cards & the McEnroe.

  10. Awesome post, definitely bookmarking this cool blog post. Thanx for using your knowledge to write and share content like this article. Cya

  11. Sam- NEVER! Fat Elvis is plenty big enough to be shared!

    Penguin- Thanks man! And definitely, you'll have a great time!

    Scott- E-mail sent buddy.

    Ernest- Haven't found a date on the pamphlet but I only glanced through it. If I can not be lazy I'll get you a scan or two.

    Rosenort- Indeed! It was a nice change of pace.

    Jeff- Thanks! Couldn't pass it up for that price.

    Nick- Thanks! As they say, better to be lucky....

    Fellow Greg- Gracias! I couldn't believe it when he said a buck for all 5. Instantly sold.

    Douglas- Thanks! And that surprises me.

    Fuji- Thanks! Thankfully got 'em cheap.