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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Batman Cards From The 1960s. Oh, and Some Nazi Cardboard.

Because for a buck a pop from my former LCS, why wouldn't I want these sweet pieces of vintage goodness?

First up is my favorite of my small purchase: Grappling A Gator. Not Will Ferrell's Gator, but an actual gator. The artwork on this fabulous piece of cardboard is just spectacular. Based on some cursory COMC research, this is from Series A - released in 1966 - and is signified by the Red Bat Symbol. Or something like that.

The back is 1/10th of what I imagine is a pretty cool puzzle of The Caped Crusader.

The other Batman card I acquired depicts The Joker In Jail. Again, the artwork makes the card, which also hails from 1966. This Bat Symbol comes in black.

The Dark Knight was my favorite of the Nolan Trilogy and my favorite Batman movie period so I was especially excited that this card was available for the taking.

Batman landing digits from lovely ladies at UCLA is the greatest thing. EVER.

I picked up a third card that day from my LCS, also for 100 pennies. It depicts terror rained down by the Nazis on a French woman and her son. The son is attempting to gauge out the eye of a Nazi soldier while a second Nazi fires a shot to stop the woman - who has grabbed a large knife - and her boy.

You can't go wrong with WWII-era-themed cards. This bad boy is card # 33 in a 66-card set put out in 1965 by Topps. World War II and the preceding decade is one of my favorite historical periods so to nab a card that covers that stretch of time is truly a real treat.


  1. Wow, those batman cards are really nice! I have a friend who's a huge Batman fan, so I may have to try and put that set together for him one day.

  2. Am I a bad person for clicking on this post only because I know the blogger is jewish and it had the word "Nazi" in the title?

  3. I am thinking someone picked up that WW2 card because the mom bares a striking resemblance to Kate Upton.

  4. Nothing funny to add. Just, great cards. It's fun to have some non-sport in the collection.

  5. Joe- Gracias! Go grab a few!

    Matt- Not at all haha.

    Jeff- Holy crap! I hadn't even noticed it but damn she does resemble Miss Upton quite a bit.

    Hackenbush- Thanks! I always enjoy a cool non-sports addition, especially when it's vintage.

  6. When stabbing soldiers with knives, it usually works better if you don't try to stab them through the helmet.

  7. I'd say so, yes. Although who knows, maybe Nazi helmets weren't all that wonderful.