Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Corey Seager 1/1 Printing Plate-Auto Completes Another Pentafecta.

I recently acquired a stunningly gorgeous card that jumps to the top of the mountain that is my Corey Seager Collection. I knew I had to lock down this beaut when it popped up on eBay and thankfully my winning bid was far less than what I anticipated the card selling for. Adding to my Seager Trifecta was also free as I had some focus group money left to play and pay with.

This is the final piece I was in need of to complete my latest Pentafecta. It's a phenomenal Yellow 1/1 Printing Plate-Auto from 2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft. If you're unfamiliar with my creation or need a refresher course, a Pentafecta consists of a 1/1, an auto, a patch, a non-patch relic of any kind, and a rookie card.

The auto portion of our show. This Bowman Chrome auto is a biggie for my PC and took a while to land, but the wait was worth it to get my hands on Corey's first certified signature in which he's actually in a Dodgers' uniform.

A sick two-color patch /99 with some jersey tossed in for good measure. There is just so, so much to love about this card.

#MERICA. A sweeeeeet blue parallel relic of the youngster numbered 148/199. It was a hidden gem within my collection when I discovered I had it, and it serves as the first piece of Seager cardboard to call my collection home. The USA jersey swatch has a nice seam to it as well.

Finally, a simple pre-Dodgers RC featuring Corey donning the red, white, and blue. It's a Gold-bordered parallel and is just all kinds of awesome. This Seager Pentafecta is my sixth overall and fourth baseball project to reach completion.


  1. You com-plate me. Congrats on another pentafecta! I'll never catch up to you in 1/1s now...

  2. Thanks gents!

    Dennis- You're so punny! And it's not a competition.

    Even though I'm winning....

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