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Monday, June 17, 2013

I Splurged on Some Rookie Ink.

I occasionally participate in focus groups to pick up some extra cash on the side and - at least recently - to get a feel for the various smart phones that are out there for the time when I eventually acquire a smart phone. After the last group took place, I was given a Visa Debit Card as payment. Not having any real need for one, I let it sit for a while. With the deadline to use it a bit in the distance but approaching, I decided to splurge and pick up a couple of cards with it.

The first card I acquired is my newest Ryan Getzlaf, and it's one I have only encountered once or twice. This particular copy of The Captain's 2005-2006 UD Series 2 Rookie Ink autograph, numbered 38/51, had been listed by the seller for $600. It did not sell at that price, as you might imagine. It was eventually listed in auction form with a reasonable opening bid and I told myself I would go for it. I thankfully won it and landed it for a good price, considering the scarcity. This bad boy becomes my 59th unique Getzy John Hancock. Old Mighty Ducks sweater? Check. Getz's old number 51? Check. Perfection.

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