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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Charcoal Heroes, Mattycakes.

An autograph numbered out of 150 of my favorite player from an aesthetically-pleasing set like 2008 UD Baseball Heroes for the low, low price of roughly half a blaster? Sign me up every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

This sweet Charcoal Parallel - numbered 072/150 - is my fourteenth certified autograph of The Bison and second from '08 Heroes, as I also have Mattycakes' Black Parallel /50.

I do like the throwback to 1959 Topps. I'm not so sure Topps likes it though....


  1. Nice pickup. I have been picking up Kemp autographs as well due to lower prices across the board. Still need this one though

  2. Great card(s), the Upper Deck Heroes sets are major weaknesses of mine.

  3. Matthew- Gracias! You and me both haha. Good luck grabbing this one!

    sbl- Thanks! It's a beautiful set. Soooooo many parallels though.