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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ryan Getzlaf Shadow Box, Case Hit Style!

Acquiring a case hit for a steal of a deal is a wonderful feeling. When that case hit happens to be a gorgeous Shadow Box of your main hockey guy, Ryan Getzlaf, that wonderful feeling is multiplied exponentially.

The card - which I've been after for a long time - ran me just over half a blaster. I absolutely love that Getz is wearing both the Captain's C and a visor. For more info on Shadow Boxes, we turn to Matt Pederson of Cardboard Conundrum fame.

The seller tossed in a pair of extras in the form of an Upper Deck Exclusives (#'d 084/100) of Cam Fowler and a Calder Contenders rookie of Patrick Maroon (#'d 057/999). The Fowler makes for a nice addition to my modest collection of the young blueliner while the Maroon will end up in the next PTSIA Card Draft.


  1. Very nice, I've had my eye on a couple of Ron Francis shadowboxes from this same set but the sellers have been unwilling to part with them for $20 or less, which is what I felt was reasonable. Great job scoring this Getzlaf for half that!

  2. Thanks! And good luck landing a Francis!