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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trade With State of The Hobby...I'm Your Average Card Collector: Scratching My Kemp and Kershaw Itch.

I completed my third trade with Jon from State of The Hobby...I'm Your Average Card Collector. You can check out our first deal here and second swap here. Jon and I were talking trade for some time before we finally hammered out a deal, and it's a phenomenal one for both of us.

First up, a stunning on-card John Hancock of Kid K, Clayton Kershaw. Numbered 85/99, I've wanted one of these for some time but have yet to succeed going the eBay route. Now I don't have to worry about it. Let's just say Jon has a wonderful knack for securing amazing Dodgers' trade bait.

Yes, I traded for a Matt Kemp redemption, which is as risky a redemption to trade for as there is today in our cardboard world. My thinking is simple: if this card is ever actually made, it'll be a beautiful on-card auto of my favorite player on a gorgeous and high-end set. It'll also have a nice and low serial-number, being an orange parallel and all. For me, the risk is worth it.

Next up, a Kemp that actually exists. This booklet, which hails from 2012 Panini National Treasures, features a die-cut relic window which spells out "The Bison." Love, love, love it. It's numbered 25/25 and is my fourth Bison Booklet.

A simple Kemp relic, #'d 09/99, is up next. I don't foresee myself buying a box of Topps Tribute anytime soon, but I do love picking up singles of my guys via trade or on the cheap from eBay.

Three more new Kemps, including a Heritage Action SP.

Finally, some randomness. Jon sent a ton of extras, and these were my favorites. The Kemp/Kersh All-Star Vets card is fantastic; the Gypsy Matty is another new addition; and the Kemp in the bottom right is apparently some type of short-print based on the 1972 Topps Basketball set.

I now have over 250 unique Mattycakes' cards.

Thanks for yet another fantastic trade Jon!


  1. Congrats
    All great cards.
    Love that Kershaw
    Just like you I keep trying on eBay but refuse to go above my set price.

  2. Awesome cards. And as I can tell you from my Sidney Crosby & Mario Lemieux redemptions from last year, it's a risky play, but well worth it when it comes through.

  3. Geez, he does have great Dodgers. Wish I could stockpile like that.

  4. Now that's what I call a baseball card trade. Those are some sweet additions to your collection.

  5. Thanks gents!

    Matt- Yeah, I don't mind waiting as long as it gets to me at some point not so far down the road.

  6. Hey Greg, Thanks for the comments, if you want the Puig and Wills we can work something out. You know I'm a philly guy what did you have in mind?

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