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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Matt Kemp Is Still Golden To Me.

I have no doubt that when Matt Kemp comes back healthy - and granted, that may not be until 2014 - he'll be a great offensive force and a plus on the bases once again. Until then, I'll continue to take advantage of others doubting him and the corresponding drop in prices on his cardboard. My latest addition is one I've been after for quite some time.

From 2012 Topps this Golden Moments auto celebrates The Bison reaching the 30-30 plateau in his remarkable and MVP 2011 campaign. I was finally able to track down a copy for under a blaster and was fortunate to win it as it ended while I was in Vegas. My newest Mattycakes makes for 16 certified John Hancocks.


  1. Gotta take advantage of the low kemp prices. Nice pick up!

  2. I just picked up my 1st Kemp auto because the price was the lowest I've ever seen the card drop to. I'll probably show it off sometime this month.

  3. Thanks DB!

    PTR- Congrats! Can't wait to see it. I have an idea though. If it's what I think it might be, majorly jealous.