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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The 1/1 Blank Back: An Irksome Bitch.

There are certain cards I'll only go after if the price is right. It may be that I already have the card but want another copy; the card is of someone I don't really collect; or, as is the case with today's showcase, the card is of a guy I really like but it's just far too hokey for my liking.

1/1 blank backs truly suck for someone like myself who is almost exclusively a player collector. I know it was just created to make money for the company, but dammit if it exists and can be had without breaking the bank I want it. Also, I'm a bit OCD and insane, which makes this addition easier to explain.

It's beyond quirky and gimmicky, yes, but it was had for a very reasonable price and is a welcome addition to my modest but growing Ellis Collection.


  1. I'm right there with you...I bought the 2013 A&G blank backs for Ian Kinsler and AJ Pierzynski, complaining the entire time that Topps was only doing it for an extra buck. It is what it is, though.

  2. At least there is only one of them. I bought the 84 Topps Bill Virdon Red Proof, Yellow Proof, Black Proof, and Color Proof from Topps Vault. Dam glad they didn't release every other year of Topps color proofs for him.

  3. I picked up a couple of those 2013 Topps Rangers...complaining as I did so just like Judson.