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Monday, November 18, 2013

Win A Contest, Win A Puig Chrome RC.

I won a "guess what I pulled" contest over at Play at the Plate, and for my prize Brian had me pick between two rack packs. I went with 2013 Topps Chrome. The highlight of my three packs and bonus pack was actually the final card I pulled, and boy is it ever a BIG ONE.

Such a great photo of #ManBearPuig. For a last card, it's hard to beat. Thankfully, I now don't have to chase this beauty, and I've been able to track down a number of Puig rookies on the cheap, which I never thought I would be able to do.

How about an orange refractor with a most excellent Rookie Cup of the best - and yes, most valuable - player in baseball, Mike Trout? Don't mind if I do. This baby was at the top of my bonus pack of orange refractors, which I opened up first.

We'll end it with the other two orange refractors I pulled, both of which feature former Dodgers: Shane Victorino and a RC of Allen Webster. I happened to pull a few other cards of note which will find their way into my collection and into trade packages for you wonderful people.

Thanks Brian!


  1. When you gonna give up on the MVP Trout thing? Maybe if he played on a decent team people would pay better attention to his numbers, which, BTW, were lower than Cabrera's yet again.

    Oh yeah...right....WAR. Whatever.

  2. Jeff- When he's not the best player in baseball and hence provides the most value to his team.

    His teammates have nothing to do with an individual award being awarded to the best player. Also, if you think RBIs and Batting Average are the sole determinants and don't want to factor in defense and baserunning, then sure, Trout's numbers don't surpass his.

    They were very close though offensively.

    Brian- Thanks again!