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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Hebrew Hammer.

My Al Rosen PC has been screaming for a new addition. It's not as if my admiration for The Hebrew Hammer has waned to any degree. I simply have almost all of his playing-day cards and my focus with him has always been the amazing vintage. Beyond 1961 Topps; a few ultra-rare food releases which may never fall within my range; and team releases, my Rosen PC is nearly complete. However, I couldn't pass up the below beauty for a measly $3.69 shipped.

On-card - or on-ball autos, to be more specific - are just so much nicer. Al Rosen held this card at some point, which is tremendously cool to think about. I would absolutely love to meet Rosen one day, and if it were to happen, that day would have to come soon. Interviewing him would be an experience to remember.


  1. That is a great deal. That card looks great.

  2. Ryan who? Nice pickup. $3.69? People just don't know what's good. (Al is a prolific signer, though.) Happy Channukah!