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Friday, November 1, 2013

Winning A Complete Upper Deck 25th Anniversary USA Baseball Set.

I won a contest about a month and a half ago (man, time flies) over at The Hopeful Chase. Justin had a trivia question and the first person to answer would find themselves the proud owner of an Upper Deck 25th Anniversary USA Baseball set. I was thankfully the only person to answer, and here's what came my way.

The hits shall be the only scanned cards because I'm not scanning a complete 200-card set. Autos of Rickie Weeks, Paul Shuey, and Kirk Saarloos (all #'d /360) plus a relic of Ben Sheets (/850). Justin also sent along a brand new Matt Kemp. The Weeks and Shuey aren't damaged; I just put them in bad penny sleeves.

Apologies for taking so long to get this post up Justin, and thanks for the sweet stuff! I greatly appreciate it!